Hello. Firstly let me introduce myself. I’m a 22 (well at the time of writing this!) year old guy who currently lives and works in Great Yarmouth, UK. I work for a large company that operates visitor attractions globally and I am currently an operations manager for that company. I love my job and the people I work with, it’s such an exciting industry to work in and despite the current economic climate it’s still growing and expanding giving lots of exciting opportunities. But that’s just one side of my life, I probably won’t blog too much about that on here, this blog is going to be dedicated to my hobbies and what I enjoy doing in my spare time.

The first of these I guess started when I first went to university, which seems like far too long ago now, but the people I lived with in halls invited me to go running with them and from there I continued, on and off to begin with and now I try to go as much as possible. I don’t run everyday, but I am really keen to discover new things and go exploring. For me running can’t be done in the gym and has to outside, why run in a static place? There’s no airflow, you get way to hot and it’s far too easy to just switch the treadmill off and stop, whereas with outdoor running you always have to get back home, and the quickest way to do that is to just keep running! But that’s just me, perhaps I have little will power when it comes to running in the gym.

The second of my hobbies is baking, this too started when I was at university, my good friend (and housemate at the time) was always baking cakes and desserts and well I go involved and enjoyed it. There’s something great about baking cakes and creating something edible that you can enjoy. I’ve always been vaguely creative, but what do you do with a piece of art when you’ve finished it? Hang it on the wall? Put it on a side table? Frankly I don’t have enough space in my house, and I move around far too much to be able to transport lots of artwork with me; cakes however are edible! The evidence can be taken in photo form and then the ‘artwork’ can be enjoyed by many – and I’ll tell you what, my housemates and colleagues enjoy this hobby of mine quite a bit!

I guess the good thing about these conflicting hobbies is that they kind of cancel one another out. I’m very keen on running and improving my fitness, with an aim to run a full major marathon as soon as possible. I’ve applied for the London Marathon for the past 4 years and still not gained entry. But I’ve also applied for the New York City Marathon which takes place in November 2012, I’ll find out about the ballot sometime in April hopefully. I could just run a small local marathon but I have this image in my mind whereby I want to run my first marathon in an iconic city, passing great buildings and great scenery.

I plan to use this blog to update on good recipes that I’ve found (both healthy and not!) and also fitness tips and what I’m doing to keep healthy. Perhaps also nice photographs I’ve taken whilst running too, new routes and to keep track of my progress.

So please follow me and my journey through the baking world and feel free to contribute also – it’d be great to hear from you.


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  1. This made me smile- these are my thoughts EXACTLY about so many things– I’ve often appreciated that the “art” of desserts is perfect because you eat them and they aren’t sitting around cluttering up your house. I just WALKED a mini-marathon and decided I need to start running– and it IS the perfect balance to baking obsessively. Nice to meet you- glad you stopped by eb!

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