fitness; it stays with you.

So needless to say, based on the fact this is my first post about fitness since launching this blog, and well this blog is going to be more of a splurge of thoughts put down into words for this page, so don’t read too much into it (but feel free to read ahead!), it’s more of a start of something that I’ll be able to read back on and reminisce. Honestly I’ve not been overly active of late (aside from my cycling). It’s not that I didn’t want to go for a run, but I kept on making excuses, such as:

“I’m too tired after work to go running, I’ll go in the morning.”

“I’m too tired to get out of bed this morning, I’ll go tomorrow.”

“I’m always hungry when I get home from work, I couldn’t possibly run on a empty stomach.”

“If I run after eating I’ll have a stitch all the way through the run.”

“It’s too dark.”

I could go on. Honestly.

And well of recent I seem to have been able to overcome these excuses, and I’m pleased to say although I haven’t been running in many months. So needless to say I wasn’t looking forward to attempting the first run after the very long break. The thing is though I have been cycling to work every day which is a five mile round trip, so I didn’t loose my fitness entirely. My housemate and I went for a short run a couple of days ago (he’s training for a marathon which is in six weeks time and he’s only just starting training…I’m glad I’m not him needless to say), and it was pretty slow to be honest. My legs ached for a couple of days afterwards, but the first hurdle was jumped so to speak.

With one run down, two days later (this evening), it was time for the second run, arguably the hardest run (either that or the first one for different reasons). I had the urge to go running and I’ve found if I don’t go straight away when I have that urge I just won’t go. So with that I donned my running gear and set off. Having done the short run the other night it was my longer loop that I was going for. It’s 9.1km, just under six miles, and I really didn’t expect to run it in under an hour considering my lack of recent running. When was at university I’d start my day with a run, and that really is my aim again, the problem these days I find it harder and harder to wake up early and go; but I will make it happen once again – it’s a great way to start the day.

When I’ve been running before I’ve never liked wearing a watch, in every day life I don’t tend to wear one (unless I’m at work) because I just find it restricting; restricting to what I’m not sure, but I just don’t like it. But I wanted to time myself, so I’m training myself to wear it and it is useful. During this run I was setting myself mini targets throughout. The result? Well I ran it at the fastest time I have ran that route this year a pace of 09:37 per mile (it would have been faster if I didn’t get stuck at the traffic lights!); still not overly fast, but a great starting point for this new health kick I’m on!

I kept my breathing steady throughout, and paced myself. I really think having that stop watch with me aided my run more than ever before. I guess the crux of what I’m trying to say is that fitness is a worth while investment, through cycling I’ve been able to maintain a certain level of fitness even though it’s not bee strenuous activity for me. If you invest a little, it’ll stay with you even when you genuinely don’t have the time. What’s more is that that successful run has inspired me to go more often, it’s a feel good factor that I can’t wait to repeat tomorrow or the day after – the running me is back and back for good. Here’s to the future.


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